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In this Magic Town, the only surreal garden in Latin America stands.

When we talk about surrealism applied to a Mexican context, Edward James and the Magic Town of Xilitla immediately appear in the conversation. And it is that the memory and legacy of this English artist and poet coexists with this population of the Huasteca potosina.

Xilitla is a town with deep-rooted ancestral traditions of the Nahuas and Teenek natives, who live in harmony with nature and modernity. It is nestled in a mountainous portion of the Huasteca, and due to its location and prodigious atmosphere, immediately enchants the visitor. To understand this you have to see it, you have to feel it, you have to walk its steep streets, visit its attractions, let yourself be embraced by the fog, which at certain times covers the environment.

Its color, the constructive and architectural disorder, in a very rare mixture of a town that grows around a hill with circular streets and unfinished alleys, seems to be the traditional scene that we see in many parts of Mexico’s mountains, but Xilitla has something extra, an “I don’t know what.”

Due to its orographic characteristics, Xilitla is an endless number of concrete and stone stairs whose specific objective is to connect with a house or a shop; contrary to this, the stairs we see in the sculptural garden or Las Pozas of Edward James (the main attraction of the town) are all concrete, but unfinished, that is, they ascend without leading to any place, without having an imaginable purpose.

In the mornings and afternoons, the aroma of coffee floods the streets; For its quality, organic coffee from this region is famous. Enjoy a steaming cup of coffee, or a hot cocoa. It will give you courage to explore!

Thus, you arrive at the convent of Saint Augustine, the oldest Hispanic building in Potosí territory, and then to that rarity better known as the “castle” of Edward James, which is now a select hotel for its few rooms.

What are you waiting to launch to discover Xilitla in the enigmatic Huasteca Potosina?

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