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In this reserve, near Real de Catorce, inhabit the Huicholes or Wirárika Indians.

This is the sacred site of the Huicholes or Wirárika Indians. They call it that because it was the place “where the sun rose for the first time” and where their deities live.

Wirikuta is a few kilometers from Real de Catorce (north of the state) and is considered by UNESCO as a Natural Sacred Area.

One way to know this destination is to visit the Magic Town of Real de Catorce, where you will find many tours that will take you to discover this place. We recommend you to bring enough water and wear fresh clothes and shoes suitable for walking through the desert. It is best to go during the morning to avoid high temperatures.

In Wirikuta it is very common to see the Huicholes performing their ceremonies and between October and March, see them on pilgrimage to thank and talk to their gods.

The Huichols believe that every step that is taken in this territory is guided by their ancestors, hence they, during their journey, pick up peyote, which will later serve them to communicate with them.

Wirikuta has more than 140 thousand hectares and, in its surroundings, there are a couple of ranches where you can rest and eat, one of them is Las Margaritas or Catorce Station.

To visit this reservation you must ask permission from the community members to protect it and pay a fee. There are tours on horseback or in the famous Willy’s (Jeep).

During your walk you will discover the different types of peyote, an endangered species, as well as its diversity of flora and fauna.

Within the reserve you can also explore two ceremonial sites known as the Bernalejo and Kayumari, where the Huichols carry their offerings devout.

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