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In this municipality of Huasteca you can discover Puente de Dios and El Trampolín.

Tamasopo is located approximately 55 kilometers west of Ciudad Valles in the westernmost region of the Huasteca Potosina.

This town is surrounded by spectacular mountainous landscapes (gift of the Sierra Madre Oriental) covered with abundant vegetation where the rivers that, kilometers below, give life to the incredible waterfalls that identify the municipality.

In Tamasopo, in addition to being able to visit its market, where you will find all kinds of crafts, you can also admire three waterfalls, with a drop of 20 meters that, at its feet, form beautiful emerald pools, not very deep and therefore, ideal to enjoy in the company of friends or family. These are located 2 km from the center of the municipal capital, following the road to Agua Buena.

Another point of extraordinary beauty is Puente de Dios, 4 km from the center of Tamasopo (but heading northwest). Here, you will be able to admire an incredible waterfall that, despite its attractiveness, is not highly recommended for swimming since at its feet swirls are formed and can be very dangerous.

In Puente de Dios you will also have the opportunity to explore a cave (which is what gives the place its name) that literally delineates a bridge of natural rock that surrounds the pools. Be sure to admire the spectacle that make up the sun’s rays when they penetrate the interior of the cave and cast their light on some of the formations and on the water mirror.

The best time to visit Puente de Dios is during the so-called “low water” period (from November to June). However, if your visit is in the high season, the place has online ticket sales to ensure that everyone gets the best of this corner of Tamasopo.

Finally, your trip cannot be complete if you do not visit El Trampolín, a wooded area with an extension of almost 2 kilometers located in the surroundings of Agua Buena. At the end of the road, surrounded by willows, sabinos, fig trees and rose sticks, you can find the remains of a large canal that, in the last decade of the 19th century, was built with the purpose of driving the region’s water to the Ingenio from the Tamasopo Sugar Company. According to the inhabitants of the area “The Trampoline served as a bridge to cross in the first decades of the 20th century from Tamasopo to Agua Buena. Therefore, the passage was built here for a route that a legendary little train traveled transporting sugarcane platforms to the Sugar Company. Hence its name”.

Are you ready to explore Tamasopo and its main attractions such as Puente de Dios and El Trampolín?

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