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Sierra de Álvarez

In this mountainous strip you can walk for hours, while you admire beautiful mountain landscapes.

A few kilometers east of the city of San Luis Potosí stands the Sierra de Álvarez, a natural ecological border that divides the Central and Altiplano regions (very arid) with the fertile Middle zone of the state.

This mountainous strip, with a forested atmosphere and humid air (a true oasis within the dry geography that identifies the surroundings of the capital of Potosina), has a cool-temperate microclimate for most of the year.

Here, you can walk for hours, along seemingly aimless paths, but very well delineated among the trees, admiring spectacular mountain views (it is well worth stopping for a few minutes to contemplate the postcards that the San Luis Valley gives us).

In case your walk was reached at night, do not worry, here in the Sierra de Álvarez you can camp without any problem. But if you prefer, you can return to the city of San Luis to rest or take advantage to know, a few minutes, the population of Armadillo de los Infante, of mining aspect and that, in all its constructions reveals details of those years of mining bonanza.

In the surroundings of the Sierra de Álvarez there is a complex of basements and caverns, where yo can take your first lessons in the fascinating world of rappelling and speleism.

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