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Santa María del Río

Come to this municipality and take one of the most traditional garments of Mexico.

“Cradle of the rebozo” and founded in 1542, Santa María del Río is one of the most traditional municipalities in the state thanks to the production of these fabrics since pre-Hispanic times. In addition, it is only 20 minutes from the city of San Luis Potosí, so it will be very easy to visit during your stay.

When you arrive at the municipality, surrounded by old buildings and colonial houses, which were occupied by the wealthy of the capital who built their rest houses here, you can visit some of the workshops of the artisans who elaborate the rebozo with the ikat technique, for the dyed the threads, as well as the waist loom and know its process. Even many of them have won awards for making the most beautiful in the country. Another important workshop is the one located at the Rebozo School, also in the city center.

In Santa María del Río, the most famous rebozo was born, the bolita one, but there are also other popular designs such as the barbilla, the palomo or the chalina, which is of one color.

If you go to the surroundings of the Municipal Palace, there you will also find many establishments selling these specimens and, of course, their traditional quince sweets, milk, muéganos and prickly pear cheese.

During your visit, do not forget to visit its traditional kiosk, located in the middle of its Central Square, as well as the Church of the Assumption, the clock tower, the Martín Bautista Square, the Hidalgo Garden and the Purísima Chapel.

But if it is about eating, in Santa María del Río there is also a lot of gastronomic tradition. Some of the emblematic dishes are: the wedding roast, the pickled nopales and the barbecue, which you can try in any of its restaurants.

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