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Micos River

In its spectacular waterfalls you can practice all kinds of adventure sports.

Micos River, approximately 40 minutes northwest of Ciudad Valles, is a must stop in the Huasteca Potosina region. Its imposing waterfalls, seven in total, have a fall that goes from two to 20 meters high, that is, adventure activities (and direct contact with nature) are multiplied by seven.

In these wonderful formations you can practice almost all extreme sports and ecotourism. The first one is the jump, right on the edge of each waterfall (you decide which one to jump to!). The first is 30 centimeters, so it is basically used “as a practice” or to stay swimming and relaxing while the little ones practice jumps.

The formal tour starts at the waterfall known as “La Prueba”, which measures five meters. From there, the emotion is increasing until reaching the last one, popularly called “El Toro”, for its more than 20 meters, where jumping is no longer allowed. Be sure to appreciate it from the viewpoints!

Río Micos is surrounded by scenarios full of vegetation and places where you can rest while the more adventurous practice rappelling or kayaking. There are also calm pools of crystalline waters ideal for cooling off, as well as walks to get to know the surroundings and discover the local fauna. This highlights the spider monkey, which you can hear jumping among the treetops, or, hanging around the Selva Teenek feline sanctuary, where jaguars, pumas and some specimens of wild cats live.

Another of the activities that most excite and that are carried out in Río Micos is rafting, which generally runs about 10 kilometers from the Micos water park and that descends at an average speed avoiding many obstacles (ask for options for beginners and advanced) .

Another must-see (and whose experience you can’t stop living) is the zip line of the waterfall that you can cross by bicycle area or sky bike, which is 165 meters long. From that height you can observe the TOTAL majesty of Río Micos and its emblematic waterfalls.

The best months to visit Río Micos is in November and April, when the rains have passed, the waters give their spectacular turquoise tones and the temperature is not so hot.

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