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The Realejo is the ideal setting to ride a mountain bike and conquer the heights!

If it is an adventure, there is no better place than El Realejo, a town located about 75 km from San Luis Potosí capital, surrounded by pine and oak trees. Yes, a perfect natural paradise to visit as a family thanks to the diversity of activities it offers.

This region was a mining site, so there are some abandoned areas converted today into ghost towns that can be visited.

In El Realejo you can ride a horse with the help of a guide, who will take you to discover unforgettable landscapes along the old road to La Galana, where old ruins and mines are also located.

But if you are looking for more emotion, mountain biking, rappelling or zip line are other activities you can do. Are you ready? Take the bicycle and travel the roads that cross thickets, stones or any type of natural obstacle to know the different species of trees that exist in the region. The difficulty levels are put by everyone, there are several routes and service providers with professional guides that can take you to the adventure.

To rappel you must go to the Joya del Salitre, because its shot is approximately 30 meters. Or, you can go to the underground caves located in the vicinity of El Realejo and that will leave you with your mouth open. Las Candelas is another very accessible place, even no equipment is required; but for a more serious exploration contact the certified guides of the place who know the most exciting places for this practice.

Now that, if hiking is your thing and you have climbing experience, how about climbing to the top of the San Cristóbal hill? It has more than 2000 masl! The reward you will receive when you are upstairs will be unforgettable (don’t forget your camera).

But if you just want to climb, there is the hill of Las Comadres with its big rocks. To sleep, you can spend the night in one of the cabins or even camp, since there is a special area with enough security for it. Another option is the Monternach camp, which has all the services.

And before going to sleep do not forget to turn to the sky you will surely notice the occasional shooting star.

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