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Real de Catorce

Discover this old royal mine turned into “ghost town” in the Altiplano.

The Magic Town of Real de Catorce is an old royal mine, located in the Altiplano region, founded around 1778 and reached its peak in the late eighteenth century. Nowadays it has become one of the biggest tourist attractions of San Luis Potosí.

To get there, you have to cross the Ogarrio Tunnel, an extraordinary engineering work of 2.3 kilometers, drilled through the solid rock, which flows into the town.

In the Main Square stands out the temple dedicated to the Immaculate Conception, which houses an image of St. Francis of Assisi, very venerated every October 4th by hundreds of pilgrims.

After knowing this space, visit the house that served as the Mint from 1865 to 1866. A few steps from there you will find the Municipal Palace, with its hall of cabildos built in the nineteenth century. Also interesting is the roosters Palenque, with seats carved in stone, which evokes the theaters of the Greek world.

Foto: visitasanluispotosi.com

Near there you can see the remains of what was the bullring and the pediments (or bounces). In these places you can take amazing postcards that you will surely share on your social networks.

But without a doubt, one of the adventures that you have to live in Real de Catorce is the exploration of its surroundings on horseback or in the famous Willys (off-road vehicles, background of the Jeep), which you can rent in the village and that will allow you cross gaps and rough roads, crossing semi-desert plains and elevations that touch the 3 thousand meters high to discover small towns and places full of history, legend and tradition. Among the most important are:

Alamitos, with landscapes covered with poplars, ideal for mountain biking.

Potrero, seat of old estates of which, still survive the Mocha Church and the arches of the old aqueduct.

La Luz, with its Santa Ana mine and the old tower with a clock donated by Porfirio Díaz.

Los Catorce, jewel of the desert, very visited by its springs and avocado orchards.

San Antonio de Coronados, legendary mining town with landscapes ideal for walking and has a recreational center with cabins, temazcal and hot spring pool.

-And Estación Catorce, the largest population center in the municipality and that once worked as a railway stop on the Mexico-United States route. From this point the mythical territory of Wirikuta begins, guarded by the Wirarika or Huichol people, protector of the ancestral traditions related to peyote.

Are you ready to discover Real de Catorce?

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