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Procession of Silence

This celebration, full of magic and mysticism, is held every Holy Friday since 1954!

It is the most important tradition of San Luis Potosí and, without a doubt, one of the most famous celebrations in Mexico. In fact, it is considered Cultural Heritage of the entity and the second best (in its realization) worldwide.

It takes place every year since 1954, every Holy Friday with a Via Crucis where devotees and locals from all over the state participate. During the tour, the “Passion and Death of Christ” is represented, very similar to the one performed in Seville, Spain.

But here everything is solemnity and mysticism: the streets of the center of the capital are filled with faithful people and visitors, who arrive here to witness every moment of the Procession of Silence.

It all starts at 8:00 p.m., when the smell of incense takes over the Historic Center of the city and the silence becomes unanimous. A few minutes later, the doors of the Temple of Carmen open to see a group of drums coming out announcing the beginning of the march, and who will not stop playing until the end of the celebration.

Then, the Brotherhoods continue, about 30 participate, each with a different color in their robe. The hooded ones also make their appearance, whose hood symbolizes mourning and humility, and the bearers, who carry the image of their brotherhood on their shoulders. In addition, during the procession and at strategic points, arrows and proclamations are heard, which are sharp songs and speeches of reflection on each image that the Via Crucis represents.

After crossing the streets of Universidad, Galeana, Independencia, Av. Carranza, Aldama, Madero and Manuel José Othón, the tour concludes just where it began: in the Temple of Carmen. At midnight the last brotherhood arrives and finally, the temple doors close.

Other activities carried out during Holy Week in San Luis Potosí are: the Procession of Bouquets, the Passion of Christ and the Burning of Judas.

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