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Traditional medicine

Since pre-Hispanic times, herbalism has helped heal various diseases.

Traditional medicine in Huasteca Potosina has been fundamental in past decades, as it was the only way to access health, but many of these customs still prevail and people from all over visit San Luis Potosí thanks to the effectiveness of herbalism.

Among teenek philosophy, human beings are integrated into nature; their illnesses or sufferings are explained under a supernatural vision and only healers have the ability to heal them through clean, offerings, dances and songs in places considered by them as sacred.

In the Potosino Altiplano we can find an extensive variety of medicinal plants, from the desert plains, to the highlands of the Sierra de Catorce.

In the Potosian desert, it is where the regional knowledge of its inhabitants is put into practice to relieve from stomach aches, muscle aches, cramps, cold, belly coldness to fright or envy, using the means provided by the nature.

These specialists know the properties of plants for their application; Cacti, shrubs or bushes, both wild or cultivated, are processed in infusions, ointments and shampoos to relieve several diseases.

Domingo Ramón Guadalupe, better known as Beto Ramón (1936-2004) was born at the Ahuacatitla ranch and was the municipal president of Axtla de Terrazas in 1993. He learned about herbalism from his grandmother Lupe, who was the healer of the place; He soon realized that he could cure diseases with medicinal plants, so he studied the healing properties of herbs and made combinations between them to treat the diseases. Gradually he was recognized for his experience in the art of healing based on natural products.

In 1955 Beto Ramón founded the Santo Domingo medicinal plant laboratory, which today produces syrups, creams, ointments, capsules and soaps that, they assure, cure almost any disease. Years later, Beto Ramón transmitted his knowledge to his children Armando and Praxédis, who until now continue with the task of continuing to heal.

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