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Here you can not miss the Immaculate Conception temple and you have to try the lamb.

This peculiar municipality was founded in 1550 and its name refers to the shout that the Guachichiles Indians – who at the time inhabited it – referred to indicate that they were at war: Matehuala!

The landscape that you will find here is semi-desert and surrounded by cacti. From anywhere in the city you will see the emblematic Cerro del Fraile. Upon arrival, the welcome will be given by its arch, which also marks the beginning of the journey to the entire Potosino Altiplano area.

Matehuala is also an important source of commerce for the state. This you can notice if you visit its Mercado Arista where, among other things, all the typical sweets of the region are sold, from their traditional glories to their custard. You will also find typical handicrafts and pieces made of saddlery.

A good option to eat are their famous tortas of Las Sevillanas, the special one is made with ham, Oaxaca cheese, cheese, avocado, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise. But there is also machaca with egg and even shrimp, all in a delicious soft bread.

After you’ve had this amazing  meal, discover some of the most notable attractions such as the temple dedicated to the Immaculate Conception, which is an exact copy  of the temple of St. Joseph, located in Lyon, France.

Also, visit the Plaza de Armas, a quiet place where locals gather to enjoy evenings or drink coffee in the various establishments that surround it. From here, you can also admire two of its most valuable architectural examples: the House of Portals and the facade of the temple of Santiago.

For dinner time, do not forget to try your typical dish, the lamb and better yet if it is “al pastor” style. You will find it in most restaurants.

Among the festivities that are held annually in Matehuala are: the Desert Festival, which takes place in the month of May and where there are cultural activities such as concerts, theater, dance and exhibitions, as well as a children’s program. While, in the month of January, the feast of the Christ of Matehuala is celebrated and in June, the foundation of the city.

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