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Media Luna Lagoon

The Media Luna Lagoon, a spectacular spring that has 6 water sources, is an ideal place for diving.

The Media Luna Lagoon, a fantastic state park ideal for organizing picnics and enjoying nature in the company of friends or family, is located just 3 kilometers southwest of Rioverde, in the Middle Region of San Luis Potosí .

Here, you can discover the most important spring in the entity (from the scientific, tourist and ecological point of view). This has 6 water births, with shades ranging from blue to turquoise blue and great visibility, which allows you to admire, even 30 meters underwater, the fauna and flora that inhabits this incredible mirror of water.

The above, combined with its excellent temperature, which ranges between 27 and 30 degrees, has made the Crescent the “dream place” for diving enthusiasts, both experts and beginners. Even for many visitors, the Crescent Lagoon means: “the first dive of his life.”

You can also practice swimming and snorkeling here, an activity – the latter – that will allow you to discover impressive petrified trees and a series of tunnels often inhabited by turtles (don’t forget to bring your fins and your visor).

During the underwater archaeological explorations carried out in the spring, specialists have discovered offerings belonging to the “culture of La Manzanilla” or “of the Rioverde basin”, which reveals the importance of the lagoon, both for the agricultural development of the area as for the worldview among the inhabitants of the region since pre-Hispanic times.

Laguna de la Media Luna State Park has all the necessary infrastructure to spend the night and camp in a completely safe and familiar environment. Are you ready to visit this gift of nature in San Luis Potosí?

As an additional tip: Seeing the lagoon in the winter season in the morning is a spectacle since the warm water vapor rises giving the mirror of water a touch of mystery.

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