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Light party In San Luis Potosí

In this show “the light becomes a brush and the monuments a canvas”.

Is your visit to the city of San Luis Potosí during the Easter or winter holidays? Then you can not miss the Fiesta de Luz, a show that, since 2007, takes advantage of the facades of some of the most iconic buildings and structures of the Historic Center of the Potosí capital to project on these, images accompanied by emotional enveloping music, in an experience that many travelers describe as: “the event where the lights become a brush and the monuments in its unsurpassed canvas”.

This show, the first of its kind that was developed in the Mexican Republic, and that thanks to the games between the lights and shadows that the latest technology projects on the colonial and nineteenth-century buildings of the city’s first painting, allows visitors to discover some lines and iconographic details almost imperceptible to the naked eye on a sunny day. You can enjoy this experience in projections of a few minutes that begin at 20:30 and end at 22:30 hours, during the holiday periods of Holy Week and winter.

Among the latest mappings, highly applauded by travelers, highlights the so-called “Magic Aquismón” which, divided into four scenes and accompanied by powerful sounds of the Teenek culture, revealed extraordinary landscapes, traditions and culture of this population recently recognized as Magical Town.

Are you ready to witness the Fiesta de Luz in San Luis Potosí?

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