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Huapango Festival

Let the guitar, the jarana and the violin reveal to you the sounds of “they are huasteco”.

This festival is a party that pays tribute to Huapango, a popular musical genre in the Huasteca Potosina region (just over 5 hours by car from the city of San Luis), which takes place every year, between March and April , in the municipality of Tamazunchale (east of the state).

For those who do not know the Huapango, this is a musical genre also known as “Son Huasteco”, and that is normally interpreted by the traditional Huasteco trios, groups that are distinguished by the great mastery with which they perform their pieces using only three characteristic instruments: the guitar huapanguera, the jarana huasteca and the violin. They do not need more!

During the days that the Huapango Festival in Huasteca reigns, families can have fun with activities ranging from children’s shows, mechanical games, cultural and sporting events and the sale of handicrafts, to a shopping area and a delicious show gastronomic Without forgetting, of course, the National Competition of Huapango, where musicians and choreographic groups from all over the country participate.

Are you ready to live the joy and color of the Huapango Festival in Huasteca Potosina?

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