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Enchiladas potosinas

You cannot visit San Luis Potosí and not try this dish with 100 years of tradition!

Whether for breakfast, lunch or even dinner, this dish is a must-see in the state, in fact, it is one of the first recommendations that your ears will hear after asking what you should eat in San Luis Potosí.

Who came up with this delicious dish was Doña Cristina Jalomo, widow of Medellín, in 1919, so she already has 100 years of tradition! Doña Cristina, who lived in the municipality of Soledad de Graciano Sánchez, in San Luis Potosí, became a widow and began making tortillas by hand to help the family economy.

Every day she took her nixtamal to the nearest mill, but on one occasion, he was handed his red mass and when he claimed the person in charge, he told him that in an accident they had ground his nixtamal along with chili for mole. Doña Cristina returned to her house very annoyed, but could not waste the red dough, so she cooked her tortillas as usual, which resulted in a success with those who tasted them, because they had the itch of bell pepper.

Seeing the result of this creation, she decided to order her nixtamalized ground dough with chili the following occasions and improved the recipe by adding cheese filling mixed with molcajete sauce. She made quesadillas and put them to the comal to offer them, first to her friends and clients, who were fascinated. Then, Doña Cristina settled in the main square and began selling this snack that is now known throughout the country and the world, obtaining the Enchiladas Potosinas registry in 1965. The dish is accompanied by refried beans, avocado and cream. There is no restaurant in the state that does not serve it. Bon Appetite!

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