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Cerro de San Pedro

With ghostly looks, this town is the one where the current state capital has its origins.

This former Real de Minas (located 20 minutes east of the city of San Luis Potosí) was the one that gave rise to the current state capital, at the end of the 16th century. Nestled between barren hills, some of them with holes and old mine shots, today it is a village of “almost ghost” image ideal to discover in the company of friends or with family.

In Cerro de San Pedro you can not miss the Parish Temple, dedicated to San Pedro Apóstol, the church of San Nicolás Tolentino, patron of the miners, and the Museum of Rocks and Minerals, where you will learn more about the activities that were carried out in this “real” during its time of greatest mining splendor.

10 km from there, is located Monte Caldera, a community that grew around an old mining farm. This place can be reached by mountain bike, after admiring impressive arid landscapes. Here stands out the church of the Lord of St. Peter, monument of the eighteenth century, which we highly recommend visiting.

Once back in Cerro de San Pedro, take the opportunity to walk through its cobbled streets and learn about the cultural activities it offers such as the Cerro Festival, which takes place in March, and of course, try its delicious dishes: barbecue, carnitas, pork rinds and pork beans. And for dessert, a marshmallow or a tuna honey. But you can’t leave Cerro de San Pedro without first enjoying a mead, pulque, colonche or the famous mezcal.

Do you need more excuses to launch yourself to discover this destination in San Luis Potosí?

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