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Castle of Health

Discover this set where knowledge of traditional medicine is protected.

As a taken from a fantastic story, a colorful construction will announce that you have arrived to the Castle of Health of Beto Ramón, a sanctuary specialized in traditional medicine.

Located in the municipality of Axtla de Terrazas (only 25 km from the Magic Town of Xilitla), and built in 1974 by Beto Ramón, a Nahuatl doctor. This space is dedicated to the study, cultivation and use of medicinal plants, a tradition that Ramón inherited of his family and now he use it to promote health among the members of his community.

The set is divided into several sections and buildings: the Church of the Lord of Health, the Eye of God, the Tower of Babel, the Ark of Noah, the House of the Deer, the Book of the Holy Scriptures or the Tree of the Heart, They are the highlight. Here, in addition to admiring their designs, you can also explore its botanical garden, wander through its corners and acquire ointments, herbal teas, syrups and delicious creams made with medicinal plants.

In the Casa del Curandero, a shaman will wait for you to live the deepest experience of the place with a traditional clean and deep prayers in Nahuatl.

In the surroundings of the Castle of Health you can taste delicious traditional Huasteco dishes.

The opening hours of the Castle are from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., every day of the week.

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