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Tamul waterfall

This spectacular waterfall is considered “the jewel of the potosina waterfalls”.

The Tamul Waterfall, located in the municipality of Aquismón, in the Huasteca region, is considered by many to be “the jewel of the potosine waterfalls”.

To reach this spectacular natural formation, which is born in the Gallinas River and falls with great force on the Santa María River (which from this point changes its name to Tampaón) there are three possibilities: the first is from the town of Tanchachin, where the boats leave from, tracing the current of the Tampaón river, for approximately two hours, reach the surroundings of the waterfall. Another way is from the ejido of La Morena, from where boats also depart that cross the river and, after several minutes, stop their passage about 100 meters before the waterfall so you can admire it, in an image that will be forever in your memory. The last one is through El Sauz, which will let you arrive at the top of the waterfall.

During the rainy season, the best way to arrive at the Tamul Waterfall is aboard an all-terrain vehicle. You can rent it with an authorized operator in Aquismón.

Tamul means “place of pitchers” (in the Teenek language) and this may be due to the fact that the ancient habitants of the Huasteca imagined that the gods, using this type of clay utensils, were the ones who poured the vital liquid over the rivers with great force shaping this waterfall with its impressive fall of 105 meters high and which, in the rainy season, draws a curtain of almost 300 meters wide!

The best season to visit the Tamul Waterfall is from October to May, when the torrential rains have stopped stirring the water of the rivers and the waterfalls returning to  their characteristics (already famous) blue and blue-turquoise shades.

In the surroundings of Tamul you can also practice extreme activities such as rappelling, on the vegetation-covered walls of the waterfalls, rafting and kayaking along the Tampaón River. Are you ready to feel the adrenaline of these sports listening in the background to the powerful rumor of the Tamul Waterfall?

Ask the certified tour operators about these activities, the necessary equipment and the best times of the day to perform them with complete safety.

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