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Minas Viejas Waterfalls

Near El Naranjo, in the Huasteca Potosina, a wonderful group of waterfalls rises.

Minas Viejas waterfalls , together with those of El Salto and El Meco, true natural wonders, are located in the municipality of El Naranjo, at the northwestern tip of the Huasteca Potosina.

The most remote of these is El Salto, 20 minutes north of the municipal capital, following a state highway. This waterfall is distinguished by its impressive fall, 70 meters high, but it is only possible to admire occasionally, in the rainy season, when the rainfall is very high, or in Holy Week, when the hydroelectric plant to which Serves with its centrifugal force, is in maintenance. If your trip is in any of these two seasons, take the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful turquoise green pools that form at your feet, ideal for swimming and organizing entertaining picnics in the company of family or friends. If you wish, in El Salto it is possible to camp (ask for this service).

A few kilometers south of this place, towards El Naranjo, a viewpoint will allow you to appreciate one of the best postcards of the region: the beautiful fall, almost 35 meters high, of El Meco. For safety reasons, at the foot of this waterfall it is not allowed to swim, but that makes the desire contained to cool off and take a good dip, be saved for the last waterfall of this group: Old Mines.

Minas Viejas is located 23 kilometers south of the municipal capital, bound for Ciudad Valles. This waterfall has a height of between 45 to 50 meters and at its feet, a series of turquoise green pools, perfect for swimming and relaxing, is also revealed. Due to its depth, in some of them the use of life jackets is recommended. Minas Viejas does not have much infrastructure, but it does offer the services to camp and live a more complete experience at the foot of this incredible wonder of nature in potosino soil.

If you want to practice rappelling and other adventure activities, contact one of the specialized and authorized service providers in the area.

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