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Tamtoc and Tamohi

Dare to explore these cities of pre-Hispanic Mexico on the banks of the Tampaón River.

Few capitals of ancient Mexico can be explored after navigating a river (of incredible beauty) to reach its main entrance. Two of them are Tamtoc and Tamohi (or El Consuelo), in the Huasteca area, east of the Potosi entity.

In the first one, where the Huasteco people built the most important city in the region, which reached its peak in 300 AD, experts have recognized about 70 mounds divided into three groups. In Group A, 23 structures stand out, some of them circular; The most important was undoubtedly the construction known as the Corcovado, which has a bench that was clearly used as an altar. In Group B, a building stands out, also with a circular plan, but with four entrances that obviously refer to the four cardinal points. There, surely, observations of the stars were made. On the other hand, in Group C 12 structures have been explored in whose surroundings, remains of human skeletons and vestiges of mural painting have been found. During your visit, be sure to look for Monument 32, which shows three female characters and elements that make notable reference to the three cosmogonic levels of the universe.

Very close to Tamtoc, in Tamohi or El Consuelo, you will be able to recognize the archeological site where the popular sculpture of the “Huasteco Teenager” was found, one of the most beautiful treasures that houses the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City.

Schedule of both archeological zones: Tuesday to Sunday, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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