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From this Magical Town you can embark on the conquest of rivers, waterfalls and abyss.

Recently recognized as a Magic Town, Aquismón is one of the most important towns in the Huasteca Potosina region. It is located approximately 45 kilometers north of Xilitla and 55 kilometers south of Ciudad Valles, and from here you can start an incredible adventure to discover some of the most amazing cultural and natural wonders of the state of San Luis Potosí.

Aquismón is mostly inhabited by the Teenek Indians, speakers of this language, but there are also, to a lesser extent, speakers of Nahuatl and Xi’u or Pames. The women of the teenek community can be found proudly embroidering their incredible textile pieces in the Mercado de La Mora, where coffee, vanilla, piloncillo and handicrafts made by the skilled hands of the potosinos artisans are also offered.

The most important monument of the Magical Town of Aquismón is the parish dedicated to Saint Michael, patron of the town, whom the inhabitants celebrate on September 28th and 29th with great dances accompanied by regional music. If your visit coincides with these dates, you cannot miss these colorful festivals that reveal much of the tradition, an ancient heritage, that is still alive in this region of the Potosi territory.

But if adventure activities are your thing, from Aquismón you can launch yourself to the conquest of spectacular rivers, waterfalls and impressive basements and caverns very abundant in the area. Among these natural beauties that you cannot miss are: the Tamul waterfall, with a fall of 105 meters, on the Santa María river; the Tampaón river, with turquoise waters and ideal for rafting and discovering its four canyons; as well as the basements of Las Golondrinas (with a depth of 512 meters) and Las Huahuas (with two shots, one of 202 and another of 153 meters). Not forgetting the various caves that abound in the local geography, such as Mantetzulel, with spectacular games of natural light, and that of El Aguacate, where traditional doctors still make cleanings, healings and other rituals.

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